Yumi Kakazu (Japnese Voice Actor) - Age, Height, Net Worth, Biography

Yumi Kakazu (Japnese Voice Actor) – Age, Height, Net Worth, Biography

Yumi Kakazu, better known by her Kana name is a Japanese voice actress from Kamifukuoka, Saitama (now Fujimino, Saitama). She made her debut as a voice actor in the 1990s and was eventually well-known due to her unusual characterizations of people like Kagami Hiiragi from Lucky Star. She is currently a freelance actress who has played the character of Mikuru Asahinako in several anime, as well as the band’s lead vocalist.

Yumi Kakazu Biography

Hisa was born on June 18, 1973 (age 48) in Kamifukuoka, Saitama Prefecture, Japan. Her father is Emiko, and her mother is Akiyasu. She has an older brother named Keisuke who plays the harmonica in Japan. Her spouse is Mr. Po and they have a young son.

Yumi Kakazu Biography

Kakazu is well-known for her “weird” parts, including Kagami Hiiragi from Lucky Star, Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Tsugumi Shibata from Welcome to the NHK. She is also a member of the Sphere voice actress group, which also comprises Minako Kotobuki, Maki Nishizawa, and Eri Kitamura.

She has appeared in a number of television shows – After War Gundam X, AKB0048 , Ask Dr. Rin!, Baka and Test series, Black Heaven , Bleach, The Candidate for Goddess, Ceres, The Celestial Legend, Cyber TeaStratos 4, Superior Defender Gundam Force , Super Robot Wars Original Generation: Divine Wars , Tokyo Mew Mew , Tsukihime, Lunar Legend, Tsukuyomi -Moon Phase, Uta Kata , Vampiyan Kids Vandread (Dita Liebely), Yu-Gi-Oh! more.

She’s lent her voice to a few video games as well – Fire Emblem Heroes, , Initial D Arcade Stage series, Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind , The King of Fighters series, Neo Geo Heroes: Ultimate Shooting , Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage, SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy, Super Robot Wars Alpha 3, Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden, Super Robot Wars GC , Super Robot Wars Original Generations, Super Robot Wars Z, Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology3.