About Us

About Us: TrendGyan.com, This website is about the people who are trending in the news and famous people around the world. The content on this site is based on what is found in books, newspapers, and other resources. We try to get and keep accurate information, but there may be a few things that need to be updated; if you find any, please let us know so that we can correct them. We can’t make promises that we know everything we have is 100% correct.

Our Aim

Trendgyan.com is a website that tells you about people and individuals. It has the most about them and it tells you what they do. The purpose of the website was to provide accurate information on world celebrities and people who want to be on the list.

What are the main sources of information for our team’s research?

  1. Trusted Internet Sources.
  2. Our staff conducted telephone interviews with the Celebrities.
  3. Newspapers, Magazines, Office Interviews.
  4. Information from Celebrities by Email.
  5. Official Social Platforms.