Chandigarh startup aims to make financial literacy mainstream in Bharat

Bandhul Bansal (Finstreet Founder and Financial Coach)- Success Story

Bandhul Bansal – Finstreet is a coaching firm based in Chandigarh that provides a variety of services to assist people learn about finance, including online classes, workshops, events, consultation sessions, and publications.

Bandhul Bansal

Bandhul Bansal (Finstreet Founder and Financial Coach)
Bandhul Bansal (Finstreet Founder and Financial Coach)

When he was studying engineering at PEC University of Technology in Chandigarh, Bandhul Bansal started trading in the stock market. He soon began giving advise to his friends and coworkers on building their financial portfolios, and realized that finance was his calling. As a student, he helped create QuadB, a B2B bespoke clothing

By that time, he had already created a profile on LinkedIn and was reaching out to potential clients. He began advising on how to improve people’s financial portfolios in 2016, and decided to bootstrap Finstreet, a personal finance coaching website, to assist individuals understand the many types of alternative assets. The company was started with the help of the team

The initial weeks

Finstreet, a Chandigarh-based firm, provides a variety of learning opportunities in all areas of investing, including high-capital investments such as real estate investing and low-capital investments such as poker staking.

Litesh, the brains behind Bandhul, is a college buddy of Nishant Chawla and Sahil Thakur. The team comprises of 12 members. Because they were college students, the entire team had to work to establish their name. They started by sharing critical information in a straightforward manner with the general public. To educate pupils on how to handle their finances, they held free seminars at colleges.

Future plans

“We aim to assist clients in need of financial management,” according to the team. “We want people to make optimal use of their assets and build a flexible portfolio that improves their finances. Our business model is based on the costs of content creation, marketing, and administration. These expenses are largely constant. For example, the cost of creating content is consistent regardless of how many courses we sell.” Bandhul adds.

The goal of Finstreet is to “develop a group of individuals with excellent financial literacy and who are always up to speed on industry changes.” To reach this objective, the company plans to offer various courses regarding blockchain technology.