HireSure.ai, a HRtech firm that uses AI and blockchain to tackle recruiting problems, is one example

HireSure.ai Founder, CTO, Co-Founder & CEO – Success Story of HireSure.ai

The firm, which was established in 2019 by Vineet Dwivedi, Anshul Mishra, Yashwanth, Anurag Dixit, and Ramesh Konatham with artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to help firms improve their offer-to-join ratio.

HireSure.ai Founder, CTO, Co-Founder & CEO

“The job offer rollout and acceptance experience has not changed in the recruiting process since,” says Anurag, Co-founder and Head of marketing for HireSure.ai. “There are inefficiencies and trust deficits between the employer and talent, resulting in extremely low and unpredictable recruitment results. Vineet recognized the issue while

Bengaluru-based Furnome was founded in 2016 by Anurag, Anshul, and Yashwanth. Vineet was their tech advisor, but he departed in 2019 to start HireSure.ai with Ramesh, his IIT-Kanpur batchmate. The trio came on board to create the HRtech company

Increasing the efficiency of recruiting

Job applications can be completed and submitted through the platform. It also allows business to complete the onboarding process digitally, utilizing AI and blockchain e-locker technology to maintain employment records.

HireSure.ai’s predictive analysis is based on information from a job seeker’s previous employment, projected salary, and work behavior at a particular position before the company makes an offer. Apart from this, blockchain technology assists clients in issuing offer letters, experience certificates, and taking digital signatures in a tamper-proof manner.