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Tejas Kothari & Siddhartha Xavier (CWD Innovations Founder & Co-Founder)- Success Story

Tejas Kothari & Siddhartha Xavier – CWD Innovations, a firm that develops information and communications technology, helps detect body temperature with wireless wearable device SmartTemp+ to provide early intervention during the COVID-19 epidemic.

The old adage “Prevention is preferable to cure” implies that preventing a disease before it becomes widespread is better than attempting to cure it once it has spread. And numerous startups are working around the clock to detect and intervene early, in order to reduce COVID-19’s incidence.

CWD Innovation, a Mumbai-based information and communication technology (ICT) firm, is developing a wireless wearable device, SmartTemp+, to assist consumers monitor their body temperature.

Tejas Kothari (Founder & Co-Founder)

Tejas Kothari (Founder & Co-Founder)
Tejas Kothari (Founder & Co-Founder)

CWD Innovations (stands for Connected Wireless Devices) was founded in 2016 by Siddhartha Xavier and Tejas Kothari. The goal of CWD Innovations is to design, create, and market integrated solutions that integrate software with electronics.

Wireless technologies, on short- or long-range communications, and design and development of technology solutions for a variety of organizations and businesses are all part of CWD’s focus.

In the case of illnesses and health problems, a rise in body temperature has been one of the first indicators. According to Siddhartha, Director and Co-Founder, many underlying infections and diseases have been identified by a significant increase in bodily heat.

“While many traditional gadgets, such as mercury or digital thermometers, merely give brief readings, SmartTemp+ equipped with sophisticated clinical-grade sensors and wireless technology delivers continuous, accurate body temperature measurements.”

“The objective is to identify individuals who are susceptible to CWD before it’s too late,” he adds. “We believe that utilizing wireless connected device technology to assist healthcare practitioners for early intervention in the event of a pandemic when ‘a fever is usually a sign that the body is attempting to battle an illness or sickness.”

Siddhartha Xavier (Founder & Co-Founder)

Siddhartha Xavier (Founder-&-Co-Founder)
Siddhartha Xavier (Founder-&-Co-Founder)

Innovating to fight crisis

From 2000 until 2011, Siddhartha led the technology device group at Reliance Communications. Tejas is a serial entrepreneur with over 19 years of experience in smart devices sales and distribution, and oversaw national infrastructure projects for RCOM & RJIO. Previously, he was responsible for end-to-end backend execution of ecommerce platforms such as Naaptol, Indiatimes shopping, and Snapdeal.

The start-up’s founder, Siddhartha Srinivasan, has revealed that his firm is seeking to create new goods that can benefit society while also pushing the limits of communication technology applications.

“Due to the obvious situation the world has been in since late 2019, we wanted to release SmartTemp+. What is the first encounter you have with anybody anywhere in today’s world? Your body temperature is checked. We learned that obtaining a proper, non-invasive body temperature reading at the left axillary (below your armpit) region was the most accurate and non-invasive way. As a result, we designed a continuous body temperature monitor that does just this, but 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

SmartTemp+ is a 3cm diameter wearable device that must be attached to the patient’s axial region, according to its co-founder. The device can be worn for more than 15 days for continuous monitoring of body temperature and includes a high accuracy temperature sensor and wireless protocol that sends temperature data every five minutes.

The device must be linked with the CWD mobile application or a receiver that receives temperature data and stores it in the cloud. The SmartTemp+ system also includes a center database and cloud ecosystem, which will share data with healthcare officials as well as all past analysis, if required, for any particular patient or community.

“I’m not sure what you’re trying to imply, but I’ll explain it anyways. SmartTemp+ is not only for COVID patients; it’s for anybody who wants to keep track of their body temperature and take preventive action against COVID,” says Siddhartha.

The device may be useful, especially for children and the elderly, since it allows early intervention and prevention.

“We also have a few other healthtech items in the works. We’re not focusing on the pandemic, but rather on healthcare as a sector where we can truly shine,” says the co-founder.

Business and more

SmartTemp+ will soon be available for purchase on ecommerce platforms and OTC businesses, according to the co-founder (chemists, pharmacists).

Communication technology is used by the company, which claims to have worked with firms such as Reliance Jio, Tata, and Godrej.

“We’ve seen a 250 percent year-over-year increase in earnings over the past three years. The continuing epidemic caused logistical delays, but we have rebounded and are back up to speed,” Siddharth adds.

The global ICT market is highly competitive, with competition from vendors such as Raytac Corp (Taiwan), U-blox (Swiss), Telit (UK), Laird Connectivity (UK), and Laipac Technology (Canada).

To combat COVID-19, several companies are developing innovative temperature monitoring products.

In the footwear business, Haix shoe manufacturing company is one of India’s top players. The firm has recently collaborated with HELYXON of Chennai to develop an AI-based biosensor wearable device for monitoring bodily temperature digitally and alerting medical practitioners to any significant rise.

Future plans ahead, Siddharth says CWD Innovations is seeking to raise $5 million in capital. “In three years, we want to clock in at Rs 300 crore in sales and become a unicorn,” he adds.

“We don’t want our relationship with customers to end after they’ve purchased our product. We want to create a platform for each of our products that consumers can use to manage their health, control their smart homes, and so on,” he adds.