Pivot and Persist: From monitoring health to designing COVID-19-free spaces, this startup aims to make travel safe again

Abhishek Shankar & Kundan Kumar (AdStuck Founder & Director)- Success Story

Abhishek Shankar & Kundan Kumar (AdStuck Founder & Director)- SaferSpace is a monitoring firm that uses technology to keep track of individuals’ movements and viral loads in order to stop the transmission of coronavirus in public places such as airports and railway stations.

AdStuck Founder & Director – Success Story

COVID-19 is a new coronavirus that has been identified in the Middle East and Europe since 2015. One of the more frightening worries about COVID-19 is that it might mutate. Furthermore, we’re a long way from achieving herd immunity, which many researchers believe will be an important factor in slowing COVID-19’s spread. Meanwhile, scientists and doctors are finding out that reinfections are possible, necessitating a rethink by several governments.

As a result, it’s critical to keep an eye on packed areas, maintain them continually clean, and enforce social distance at all times.

To achieve this, SafeSpace’s Gurugram-based firm Abhishek Shankar and his co-founder Kundan Kumar intend to use a mix of software and hardware.

“SafeSpace can offer a protective barrier, detection technology, deterrence tactics, and at times AI-driven alarm systems to individuals who are subjected to online abuse or violence.” According to Abhishek, “SafeSpace may assist create a layer of safety for people by being a barrier, detection agent, deterrence mechanism, and at times an AI-driven alarm system.”

According to the manufacturer, its technology, which takes less than seven days to implement, reduces the potential of a coronavirus infection in a restricted area by 99 percent.

Abhishek Shankar

Abhishek Shankar (AdStuck Founder)
Abhishek Shankar (AdStuck Founder)

How it works

Wearables, display tablets, beacon sensors, 3D heat cameras, and servers are among the hardware components in SaferSpace’s platform. After taking into consideration the space’s layout and construction, as well as high-traffic areas and individuals’ movement and behavior in a certain area, the sensors, and 3D heat cameras are installed.

Visitors are equipped with a medical-grade device that monitors and collects six vitals, including skin temperature, heart rate, and blood oxygen levels. The information is then utilized to identify possible infections in line with RT-PCR testing.

The biosensors monitor the ‘safety index’ of a location in real-time by measuring viral load in the air and on surfaces.

SafeSpace uses beacons to determine people’s locations and, as a result, provides several security measures for the locals to follow compulsorily. SafeSpace utilizes security procedures to identify traffic issues and set up physical diversions in order to minimize any risks of congestion.

The Guardian Angel is a standby safety system that comes in two types: a DIY kit and SafeSpace Custom, which is built to order.

For the DIY kit, Vantage Pro offers remote assistance to determine where the hardware may be placed. When it comes to bespoke installation, however, the project begins after the space has been thoroughly examined.

The system also aids in the management of queues, minimization of crowding, as well as the sounding of an alarm when any safety or social distance rules are violated.

“SafeSpace combines continuous and static data on people, spaces, and dynamics of a place to define basic and critical values for infection-free movements and people’s presence,” Abhishek explains.

The firm offers a monthly and yearly license of its own software, although the pricing of the packages varies. Monitoring fees are billed on a per-use basis.

kundan kumar (AdStuck Founder & Director)

kundan kumar (AdStuck Founder & Director)
kundan kumar (AdStuck Founder & Director)

The pivot to SafeSpace

Abhishek’s previous company, Heealthy, which helps people traveling abroad for medical procedures to keep track of their vitals remotely, gave birth to SaferSpace.

Hospitals that use Heealthy’s suite of services may continue to monitor their patients remotely, using smart clothing that streams real-time data from the user to the cloud. When the algorithms notice variances between a patient’s baseline levels, the configuration can assist hospitals in reaching local healthcare providers.

According to Abhishek, Heealthy has been used by over a hundred hospitals in seven countries and helped more than 2,500 patients in the last three years alone.

When the lockdown was announced in the last week of March and international borders were closed, Heealthy noticed a decrease in both the number of patients utilizing the technology as well as sales orders from hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

What Abhishek noticed, however, was that there had been a far greater number of home quarantined patients infected by COVID-19 who were remotely monitored. As a result, the business began to serve those people.

SafeSpace was formed after the firm spent over a month examining people’s movements in one place and gathering data.

Airplane makers and airports interested in adopting airborne digital billboards are already using the company’s system, which is based on blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI). The firm has already announced partnerships with Boeing, IATA, and other aviation organizations to make airports safer. After a user session is finished (except for the user’s location data, which is removed after 30 days), the user data it collects is HIPAA-compliant. Its main competitor is Archibus from the United States.

AdStuck is a Gurugram-based startup that is part of AdStuck, which was previously known as Crux2Core Consulting. In 2014, Abhishek launched AdStuck, a digital business solutions firm.