Posh Residency in Gurgaon | Posh Areas in Gurugram

Posh Residency in Gurgaon | Posh Areas in Gurugram

Posh Residency in Gurgaon | Posh Areas in Gurugram

Gurgaon, known as India’s cyber city, has rapidly risen to prominence since its founding in 1979. The city hosts numerous Fortune 500 companies, and its residents boast the third-highest income per capita in the country. A surge in real estate development has transformed Gurgaon, enhancing its of life and making it a sought-after place to live. Here, we explore some of the posh residency and areas in Gurgaon.

Posh Residency in Gurgaon | Posh Areas in Gurugram
Posh Residency in Gurgaon | Posh Areas in Gurugram

Sohna Road: Residential Beauty

  • Strategically located in Gurgaon’s southern outskirts.
  • Known for premium housing units and a concept of “walking to work.”
  • Considered by many as the best place to live in Gurgaon.

DLF Phase 2: Location of Dreams

  • Excellent location with over 400 luxurious, ready-to-move-in properties.
  • Proximity to sophisticated sectors like Cyber City.
  • Well-connected to Delhi Metro lines and Gurgaon Rapid Metro.

Golf Course Road Extension: Superb Connectivity

  • Lined with ultra-luxurious apartment buildings and plots.
  • Benefits from its proximity to residential neighborhoods like Sohna Road.
  • Shows potential for economic and social growth.

Sector 79: Well-Planned

  • Relatively new and developing area with greenery and open space.
  • Connected to NH-8 and Dwarka Motorway.
  • Hosts projects like Godrej 101, focusing on enriching the living experience.

Sector 88A: All-Around Ability

  • Promising sector along Gurgaon’s Northern Peripheral Motorway.
  • Well-planned roadways, excellent infrastructure, and steady residential project growth.
  • Proximity to industrial hubs, commercial projects, and planned Metro routes.

Sector 80A: Greenery All Around

  • Thriving locality with planned infrastructure and urbanization.
  • Expansion in business and retail opportunities.
  • Close proximity to the Green Belt for a peaceful atmosphere.

DLF Phase 1: Walk to Work

  • Constructed to provide housing to those working in Cyber City.
  • Premier healthcare institutions nearby.
  • Offers an opulent lifestyle with functional amenities.

Nirvana Country: Experience Mindfulness

  • Posh and luxurious neighborhood spread across 300 acres.
  • Includes condominiums, workplaces, villas, schools, retail spaces, and clubs.
  • Easy access to well-developed public infrastructure.

South City 1: Entertainment Hub

  • Desirable residential area stretching towards NH-48.
  • Encompasses Sector 40 and a portion of Sector 41.
  • Close proximity to Sector 29’s high-end commercial district.

Sector 57: Wide Variety

  • Recognized residential neighborhood with a variety of real estate assets.
  • Well-connected to major regions like Sohna Road and Golf Course Road.
  • Offers affordability and reasonable access to amenities.

These areas showcase a diverse range of amenities and services, contributing to their desirability. Prospective buyers are encouraged to engage with maintenance teams and review amenity lists before making a purchase decision.